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I was driving the other day and I had an idea.  I spend a lot of time driving, what with having two teenagers that don’t drive, and i get a lot of ideas while I’m driving. Usually thought, I forget them, but this one, I remembered.  It was an idea for a blog.  Do I need another blog?  No, not really. I have my LJ to write in, and I have a couple of other ones for various points of view i want to share.  So why do I need this one?  I have no clue, but I know it needed to be made.  So I rushed home after that driving idea and checked the domain name it it wasn’t taken!  Talk about a sign from the gods.  So I registered and I was ready to work yesterday.  And of course that didn’t happen.  My daughter and I made her first official college visit/tour yesterday.  When I got home and ready to work, my sister’s car had broken down and I had to go pick her up. That left me too tired to do anything last night except look through wordpress themes.  And I found NOTHING!  Do you hear that wordpress, I found NOTHING!  I hope you’re happy.  Then I decided I was probably too tired to look and went to bed.

This morning I found a few themes that i liked, but nothing that I loved, but i’m still more excited than you could possibly imagine for this blog.  A place to talk about the world in general and my life in particular.  A place to share thoughts and adventures.  Like today’s adventure – first official college visit with my son!  Twins can be such a blast lol.


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