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Yesterday Twin 1 and I went on a college road trip to visit her first choice of schools.  She’s in ivy league love and I may never get her to look at another school.  Today, Twin 2 and I went on his first road trip and we went to visit the college I attended for two years when I first graduated high school.

We did a quick walk through before our official tour began and I was pointing out this and that – and I pointed to the dining commons and said “Hey, that’s the dining – media arts center.”  At some point the repurposed the building, which is always cool.

It was amazing and astounding to see how much the school has grown and changed, yet still remains the same.  We actually got to go into my old dorm and the room they showed us was the room next to mine!  I loved the students telling us how they’re not allowed to bunk the beds because the ceilings are too low.  Not only did we all bunk the beds in that dorm, my roomie and I had our bed up on cinder blocks to get extra storage underneath lol.

A lot of people think I’m nuts, starting the college search so soon with my kids – they’re sophomores in high school – but  they aren’t looking at any of the same schools, and to travel and look at schools the are interested in takes time, and as a single parent, I’m the one doing it all, so start early avoid the rush is my motto.

Am I ready for my kids to go away to school – that would be a big fat giant NO!  But – it’s going to happen.  And it’s kind of fun, exploring these schools, and seeing the excitement in their eyes – and watching them wonder about what lies ahead for them.  I remember that feeling – I wish I could experience it again.


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