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Osama Bin Laden is dead, and honestly, I’m conflicted about this.  It’s not like I had fuzzy bunny thoughts about the guy.  He was evil, but I find it weird to celebrate because someone is dead.  This was somebody’s child, and somebody’s parent.

I get why people are celebrating about this news, and parts of me want to do the Snoopy Dance right along with them.  I got all teary this morning watching some post September 11 shots.  That was a horrible time in our nation’s history, and I don’t want to go back and repeat it ever again.

The thing is, killing Bin Laden doesn’t mean something equally as horrible is going to happen again.  In fact, a big part of me is afraid that Al Quida will retaliate, and soon.  Honestly, I don’t see them getting together, tossing on back in memory of their leader, and disbanding.  They’ll find someone else equally as insane to lead them and go back to wreaking havoc on the world.

And then there is the part of me that is glad that the son of a bitch is dead.  So many innocent people died because of a plan put in place by this man.  See – conflicted.

I’m also conflicted because of us – Americans.  We’re celebrating big time, and when September 11th happened, we banded together as a nation in a way we haven’t banded together since Pearl Harbor probably.  You couldn’t go two feet without seeing a flag flying on a house, a building or even a car.  But slowly those flags disappeared, as did our patriotism. Why does it take an act of terrorism to bring our country together like that?  Why can’t we feel that way, and show our feelings all the time.  Wouldn’t we be a better, stronger nation if we did?


One Comment

  1. i feel the exact same way. Our nation needed something to pull us together again, this isn’t what i would have wanted it to be though. I wish our nation could just be joyous and proud to be American for the sake of being America – and not because of a great joy or sadness taking place.

    Shock patriotism isn’t pure – its a knee jerk reaction to an event. We need to keep the love of our country alive past those events. Maybe one day we can all just agree on something that isn’t based politically, or out of great fear or joy… just pure love for each other and that is all.

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