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Editing this to add:  Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week on @DonorsChoose! Support a classroom & write about your favorite teacher. http://bit.ly/lbBIUs


I work in an inner city school, in a very poor school district.  Trying to get things for my classroom is next to impossible unless I buy it.  My students live at the poverty level and come to school hungry and without any supplies.  Free and reduced lunch takes care of feeding them, the supplies are up to me.  I’ve been trying to get computers in my room all year.  Then an amazing thing happened, we got a computer.  Then we got another computer, sort of (it doesn’t have a mother board) and for some reason, we have a ginormous monitor.  This was great, except for we have not computer desks or tables to put the computers on.  What I did have was four tables for my students to sit at.  So we did some rearranging and we have a place for the computers, but no place for the kids, lol.  I found out about a program called DonorsChoose.org that allows teachers to submit wish lists for classroom supplies.  You choose the supplies you want from their suppliers (at a HUGE discount).  People then donate, and when you reach the amount of your wish list, you get the stuff!  The only requirement is to have the kids send thank you letters to the donors.  Why am I fortunate?

Because people are donating!  This is amazing to me.  Exciting, and amazing!  We’re still a long way off from our total, but I think we’ll do it.  What did I ask for?  Two computer desks, pens, paper, markers, crayons and binders.

This is my room. Click on the pictures to make them bigger please.  The first picture shows the one working student computer, and the monitor and inoperative hard drive.  On the far left is the 3rd monitor with now hard drive at all.  Next to that is my desk with the one computer with internet access – I am forever giving up my desk so that kids can look things up online.  The third picture is one of our work areas.  The posters up on the wall with the red backgrounds are there because there are holes in the black boards (yes black boards!)  But see, we’re working on a cool puzzle during free periods.  And the final picture shows the one remaining work area we have.

Why am I posting this?  Well it would be cool if more people donated, but even if they don’t, some people did, and that just shows me that there are GREAT people in this world and we’re fortunate that there are!


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