Well Color Me…..

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…Utterly Frustrated


AND overwhelmed.

There are times when I simply cannot cope with being a single parent.  This is one of those times.  I mailed my kids driver’s ed paper work out 2 weeks ago and it came back today with postage due.  Yes, my fault, but geez post office, is it any wonder why your in trouble when it takes you two weeks to get something back to someone?  So now, I don’t know if my kids will be able to take the drivers ed class that they want.  Honestly, not an epic tragedy, but when you’re 16, it’s enough of a tragedy.  AND, this stupid mattress topper I ordered for my mother came in wrong.  See the thing is, she had the perfect one and she decided to give it to my daughter, so I ordered another one – and it was wrong, so now it’s gracing my bed.  We ordered a new one, and it came in today and i’m fairly positive it’s wrong.  And of course the simple thing to do would be to swap it out with the one on my daughter’s bed, but I’m sure that won’t be happening and i’ll have to pack it up and ship it back.  It’d be nice to have someone to share all this stress with, but I don’t.

So how am i coping with all this stress?  Doing laundry and making meatloaf.  Meatloaf that I can’t even eat, may I mention.  Damned diet.  Does anybody besides me see anything wrong with this?

And what’s worse is I had this really awesome blog to post tonight and now instead I’m sitting here whining like a baby.  In the words of the immortal mutant enemy guy  Grrrrr Argh!


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