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Well for today, anyhow.

Last night on facebook, one of the teachers at the school where I work posted a link to a news story. Apparently there was a stand-off with police at an apartment near the school. The jokes started coming hard and fast about what was going on, and which student could it be etc.

This morning I got up and as is my routine, I clicked on the television to the news. No, I’m not a news junkie, I just need the noise to help keep me awake. So I’m sitting there, barely conscious, blearily rubbing the sleep from my eyes when the voice of the news anchor begins to permeate my sleep fogged brain.

“…Forcing officials to cancel classes at West High School for the day.”

It was one of those moments that can only be be described as amusingly surreal. My first thought was that I was still asleep and dreaming the whole thing. Then I heard it again. I grabbed my phone to check my messages, but while there were messages, there wasn’t anything remotely resembling the official text we get when school is called off.

And so the texting began. Did you hear? Is it true? and so on and so forth.  And then the story came on again and this time I was awake and paying attention and yes it was real.  Instead of the snow day that is oh so common in New Hampshire, we’re having a Swat Day.

It’s funny, but at the same time, it’s so tragic.  That someone could be so distraught that they feel the need to fend off the police with a gun.  If you’re interested, you can read/view the news story here .

And so today, I’m emancipated for the day, but left with the lingering question that is on the minds off all the staff and students at West High.  Will we have to make this day up?


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  1. wow! i tweeted something a few weeks ago when i learned of the new system at my kids school…
    once a semester they have an earthquake drill.
    once a semester they have a fire drill.
    once a month in the spring they have a tornado drill.
    once every other week {typically once a month} they have a “lock down” drill.

    So, what use to be a normal thing when i was a kid – a fire drill once a month – has now become passé. instead we are MORE worried about people coming into the school with a gun and killing our children. Great. As if i wasn’t already worried enough about my kid being at school with horrible teachers.

    The world is going to crap! But i do so hope you get to enjoy your day off from school!


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