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What am I contemplative about?  What makes a good mom.

A lot of times, I don’t think I’m a very good mom.  My house is so not clean, and while I cook dinner most nights, I complain about it.  I’m don’t often talk to my kids about the dangers of drugs, unprotected sex, alcohol or all that other stuff that moms are supposed to talk about.  Don’t get me wrong,we do talk about it, but not as often as I think we’re supposed to.

I let them have televisions and computers in their room. I don’t have snooper programs on their computers.  I don’t read their email or texts or anything like that.  I don’t nag about homework, I don’t insist on knowing all their friends. I didn’t volunteer in their classrooms in elementary school because I had to work.  Pretty much, on paper, I look like the world’s suckiest mom.

Despite that, I have these really incredible kids.  They’re athletic, do well in school (one more than the other in both instances), they have out of school activities.  One has a job, the other is looking.  They’re polite, and courteous and fairly well-mannered in public.  Their fairly responsible, and for the most part, so are their friends.

So while today may be mother’s day, it’s more a chance for me to be thankful for my really incredible kids.


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