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Last weekend, up in Berwick Maine, the body of a young boy was found wrapped in blanket on the side of a dirt road in the woods.  The fact that a child was dead was horrific enough, but this poor child was unidentified.  The police and news media posted computer generated pictures of the little boy all over the place, and it was terrible to think that this poor boy had probably been kidnapped from his family.

But then, we found, out via the media, that there were no reports of a missing boy fitting that description.  I’m sure plenty of hearts besides mine sank.  That had to mean that a family member had done this.


Now I’ll admit to being a terminally hopeful person at times.  I immediately started thinking/hoping that perhaps something had happened accidentally and someone panicked and made the poor choice to leave the body of that poor unnamed child in the woods.  Maybe I’m naive, and maybe I view the world through rose colored glasses, but I was hoping against hope that I was right.  To be wrong was unthinkable.

Then the child had a name.  Camden Hughs – and he still wasn’t reported missing.  And then, Camden had a mother being arrested for murdering her six year old son.  I don’t get it, I really really don’t.  How could a parent, any parent ever conceive of killing their child.  I know that it happens all the time, but I just don’t get how.

I remember reading about the mom fatally shot her kids and wounded herself in an attempt to make their deaths look like a robbery.  And another mom who rolled her car into a lake with her kids locked inside.  And another who drown her children in the bathtub.   I don’t get it.  Where is the support system?  Did NOBODY see the signs of mental illness that these women must have been exhibiting?

All I do know is that annoying as my kids are – and they are annoying – I could never ever in a million years conceive of killing them.


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