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Just a passing thought on the sheer genius that is me.  Well genius because hello, on death’s door and still managed to come up with a fairly brilliant idea.

I’m upstairs dying and my mum (who lives with us, but that’s a blog for another day) calls up to me and asks me if we have any bug spray because there is a teenaged mutant ninja hornet in the house.

Now as I said, I’m on death’s door and yes we have kill the bug spray stuff, but it’s buried somewhere behind a ton of stuff in the cabinet because we went from winter to floods to midsummer in the space of a week.

So I thought really quick and grabbed my trusty can of , are you ready for it, AQUA-NET and made my way downstairs.  A few quick squirts and Mr. Hornet, well actually it was a yellow jacket, but that sucker was HUGE, was incapacitated and flushed.

So not only is it good for 80’s hair, Aqua-Net also does a good job of stopping the big scary buggy things.



  1. I use our organic all purpose spray by Seventh Generation…stops them every time!!

    • lol – well we do have something bug related in the house, but I was too sick to look for it…and in a pinch, hairspray works!

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