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Being a single parent and sick sucks – incredibly.  The other day I was at the doctor for a blood pressure check (that’s a blog for another day) and while I was there, and since I wasn’t feeling too great, I asked if the doctor could see me for that as well.

They did a strep test, and she put me on an antibiotic because the plague, or whatever it is I had also sounded like it was turning into a sinus infection.  I get those a lot so it made sense to me 🙂

So I ended up staying home from work sick both yesterday and today – the theory being it would be nice to take it easy.  However, I am a single parent so there was nothing easy about it.  I was too freaking sick to cook last night so that made take out sound like a good option.  Only problem is, the only way to get the take out home was for me to go get it.  I did bring Twin Z with me and made him go in and order and pay because yeah, I looked like HELL.

And today, the doctor’s office called to say the strep test was negative and to see how I was feeling.  After they heard me try and talk through all the coughing, they said they’d tell the doctor I wasn’t any better.  Nice doctor then called in another prescription for my beautiful cough.  That’s great, except for the part where I live in the back of nowhere and we don’t have a pharmacy that delivers.  So that means it’s back out I went today.  And since I was out, I figured I might as well pick up the milk we desperately needed as well as ice for Twin A’s smoothies.

Now I do have friends that I can call and ask for help, but most of my friends work during the day, and of the two friends that are home, one lives way too far away to ask to run an errand, and the other just brought her teenage son home from the hospital after having surgery.

I think if I ever decide to start my own business, it would be a “Mom on Wheels” type of a thing.  Being available to run errands for single moms (and dads) or other people that just need assistance.  AFTER I win powerball and can afford to buy my own medical insurance.


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