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So today is Memorial Day.  When I was younger, it was a day off from school.  When I was a little older, it was trips the the cemetery.  When I was in high school, it was marching in parades.  After my father died, it was trips to the cemetery and now that my kids are in high school and in the band, it’s parades again.   But it’s so much more than that, Memorial Day is supposed to be the day when remember and honor those who gave their lives so that we can live our lives free from danger.

We have Veteran’s Day to celebrate those who fought, and Memorial Day to remember those who fought and died.  It’s great that we have those days, but it sucks that we have those days too.  Every day should be those days.  We should celebrate every day for every soldier, airman, marine, and sailor who put on a uniform.  It doesn’t matter if they get shipped overseas or remain stateside, have a desk job or have seen combat.  We should thank them every single day.

So thank you thank you thank you.  I am eternally grateful that you have sacrificed so much to keep America safe.


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