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So New York Representative Anthony Weiner sent inappropriate photos of himself to women other than his wife over twitter.

I have to be honest, on many levels, I really don’t care.  He’s NOT my representative, and I don’t understand why my local news keeps going on and on about it.

On some levels I do care.  Do I care that he sexted pictures of himself to people that aren’t his wife.  A little.  That sucks for her, but honestly, that’s between Representative and Mrs. Weiner and its up to them to deal with it as they see fit.

What about the women on the receiving end of said messages.  I’m sorry, I don’t think that they are blameless.  I talk to lots of people online, but I don’t send them sext shots of me.  I would think you would need to develop some type of a relationship with them to do that.  So if my thinking is correct, these women were open to receiving them or maybe asking for them or sending some of their own?  I don’t know – and again, I honestly don’t care.

What do I care about?  The idiot lied.  He screwed up and he lied publicly to cover it up – for a week!  That was dumb.  You screwed up.  Own up to it and move on.  I’m betting more people will lose respect over the lies rather than the sexting.   Elected officials should be honest, don’t you think?


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