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…Not Handy


I’m a firm believer in household chores being shared equally among men and women, and I believe that women should know how to do some basic repairs around the house and men should be able to cook and do laundry.

But i’m talking BASIC stuff.  I can hammer a nail, and screw a screw, and heck, I can even change my oil (if someone puts the car on a lift lol) but for some reason, the bathroom door knob is killing me.

The door knob has been loose for years, and i’ve never been able to get it all nice and tight.  But it worked so I didn’t stress.  Well today, the door knob fell off in my son’s hand.  I tried, I really, really tried to fix it.  But it’s over 30 years old, and it’s dead.  So I went to my local Wally World aka Wal Mart and picked up a new knob.  I watched the videos on YouTube and I was good to go – I thought.

You know it’s not going to go well when you can’t even get the rest of the knob (the part with the latchy thing) OUT of the door.  The moronic imbecile that installed it sunk the screws into the wood, and put them in at an angle and I don’t have the right sized screw driver.

I do, however, have a cordless drill/screwdriver thingy, but I use it so seldom that it has to charge.  So I’m calling it a night on the door knob, and I’ll tackle it tomorrow.  I’m also NOT afraid to call reinforcements in the form of a handyman if necessary.   I’m not afraid to admit defeat if necessary, but if i do, I’m going down fighting!


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