Well Color Me…..

My ramblings on the world in general and my life in particular

…a social media geek


I am.  I admit it.  I need to find a 12 step program or something.  I have a facebook page which I use, though I have successfully beaten my addiction to the “ville” games.  I also have a twitter account, a linked in account, I use Get Glue and foresqure.

I have to wonder why?  Why do I feel the need to share all this information about myself.  Nobody cares.  I don’t mean that in a self-pitying way.  It’s true.  Nobody cares about what I’m watching, and where I’ve checked in, and if they do, I’m kind of sorry for them, because my life is actually kind of dull, lol.

But I don’t think I’ll be giving up my social media addiction, because while i’m fairly certain nobody cares what I’m watching and what I’m mayor of in my small New Hampshire town, I actually do care what my friends are watching and what they’re doing – again because I’m kind of dull, lol.


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