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…Disgusted and Appalled


And by appalled, I mean freaking horrified. Words cannot describe how disgusted I am with the verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial. I realize that this is how our judicial system works. You’re tried and found either guilty or innocent by a jury of your peers. In theory, it works, and I’m sure in practice, it works quite a lot too. But in this instance it was a blatant failure.

I personally believe the prosecution did an excellent job of proving their case. My daughter likened it to the OJ verdict – interestingly enough, she was an infant when that verdict came down – but I disagree with her. Did OJ do it? Yeah, probably, but the prosecution did not, beyond a shadow of a doubt prove their case. I think in this instance, the prosecution did.

Caylee Anthony was missing for a MONTH before her mother reported her missing. My kids may be goofs and annoy the heck out of me at times, but I freak if they’re unaccounted for, for even 30 minutes. It’s part and parcel of the whole job as a mom. My son was 15 minutes late returning from cross country practice last week (they were running in the woods) and I was a basket case until he limped back into the parking lot. I was ready to take off into the woods looking for him.

But this woman, this MOTHER was out drinking and dancing and getting a tattoo? What kind of person does something like that? Casey Anthony does. The same woman who spent her time in the court laughing and smiling until the jury was in the room, or she knew the cameras were on her, then the crocodile tears showed up.



This woman tried to throw her own father to the sharks, claiming he sexually molested her, and that was why she lied and did the things that she did? Casey, lots of us have had really crappy things happen in our childhood, but that doesn’t mean we go out and murder our children.
She was found not guilty of all major charges and found guilty of lying to law enforcement officers and will probably get off on Thursday with time served. What about Caylee? She doesn’t get off. She’s never going to get the chance to grow up, fall in love and be a mother herself.

I’m not an overly religious person, but I certainly hope there is a special corner in hell set aside for this woman, and I’m feeling rather bad about myself because I also hope she gets to visit that special corner very, very soon.



  1. Actually, she NEVER reported the little girl missing. Her parents did when she finally admitted to them that she didn’t have their grandaughter anymore and claimed that “Nanny Zanny” had taken her. So we’re supposed to believe that she was out partying and getting tatoos saying “The Good Life” in Italian and competing in hot body contests instead of looking for her kidnapped daughter or reporting the kidnapping? She knew all along the girl was dead. And now she claims the little girl supposedly drowned. It was all an accident. I believe in our jury system, but this jury ignored all the evidence for some unexplainable reason. You don’t have to have a frikkin’ video of her murdering the child to know what happened here. Unfortunately, for Caylee there will be no justice this time… but in the next life there will be. And Casey has burned a lot of bridges. I can’t imagine how she will ever have a relationship with her father again… or her mother really. That man was guilty of nothing except loving his grandaughter and wanting to know what happened to her, and she and her lawyers threw him under the bus.

  2. I do tend to agree wholeheartedly with you, but like the jurors, I would really like to know the true facts of the case. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that she acted as if nothing was wrong. Maybe thats a good thing…I don’t think I want to be the sort that “gets” it.

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