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Well not now, but I was last night.  Last night was the 4th of July, and the town next to mine always does some nice fireworks, and that’s where we go.  You know, tradition.  Usually, I go with my kids, and my friend and her kids, we sit in the same place and have a decent time.

Last night – last night was strange.  First it started to rain.  Not super heavy at first, but hard enough to warrant moving under a tree.  All was well, we got a bit soggy, but it wasn’t bad.  Then the lightning came.  Tree, bad place to be, so we moved under the overhang of a building until the lightning subsided.

We went back to our regular places on the lawn – a place we sat for YEARS when something quite unexpected happened.  Automatic sprinklers popped up out of the ground, one being approximately 3 feet from where we were sitting.  Instant soaking.

So of course we grabbed our soggy blankets and ran to a new location.  However, what we didn’t realize was the fact that there were automatic sprinklers set up in various zones that had a staggered watering schedule.  And guess where our new seats were.  Yep, maybe one foot from a new sprinkler head.  Talk about not catching a break – but we did catch a lot of water droplets lol.


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