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thermometer and sun

it's hot

No, i don’t me the I’m so sexy kind of hot.  I mean the “Oh my GOD, it’s so freaking hot outside and I think I’m going to die kind of hot.  And I have to say, I HATE it.  I’m not a huge fan of summer just because it gets so darn hot.  I’m not a huge fan of freezing cold either, but at least when it’s cold, I can put on a hoodie or snuggle under a blanket.  But when it’s hot, there are only so many layers you can take off before it starts to get really scary for the people around you.  We are fortunate, we have an air conditioner that does an amazing job of keeping the living room, dining room and kitchen very cool, and my daughter’s bedroom is in the finished basement – so she’s good.  My son and I, well our rooms are upstairs in Dante’s Inferno, and it’s so hot and so humid that it makes sleeping impossible.  And I’m a freak, I’ll admit it, I can’t sleep unless I have covers on me, even if it’s just a sheet, but I have to have something covering me.  My ideal sleeping conditions are cold, with the fan blowing on me, and snuggled under a bazillion comforters and blankets. Which is not happening in New Hampshire in July.  It’s even too hot to go to the beach.  But the nice thing about New Hampshire in July is that it doesn’t last long, and soon enough it will be January, and I’ll be sitting here with a hoodie on over a flannel shirt under a blanket wishing for summer.  I’m so fickle.


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