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Yep, i’m anti-government today.  Not in the anarchist, take over and run things myself kind of way.  It’s more in a disgusted kind of way.  I’m listening to the news and they’re talking about our budget problems and how the democrats and republicans can’t seem to agree on how to handle the matter.

I sometimes think they should put a couple of mom’s in charge of the budget (though not me, I suck at money managing).  Most mom’s I know can stretch a budget and cut costs like you wouldn’t believe.

I also think (and this is just my opinion) that it’s time to do away with a lot of the perks and pay raises our elected officials get.  Should they be paid to do the job they’re doing?  Yeah.  Should they be paid as much as they are?  Nope.  Maybe take the salaries of all the teachers in the state from which they were elected, and average them out and that should be their salary – or the pay of day care workers or something.  Or if they want to make it so that they all get the same pay rate average the cost of all the teachers in america and then averaging the amount and making that their base salary.

And why do they get all the perks they get?  I’ve heard that they have access to free dry cleaning, and they don’t have to pay for postage, and they get to keep their health insurance forever.  WTF  I’m not going to get to keep my insurance when I leave my job (not without paying a fortune) why do they get that option.  Are their jobs important?  Yeah, but not any more important than my job or anyone else’s job for that matter.

So maybe it’s time to start looking at all the benefits and perks our government officials get and start cutting there.  And don’t get me started on all the public programs that are helping people that are here illegally, or the people that abuse the “system.”  That’s a rant for another day.

In short it’s time for some changes, and they better happen soon before we the people really start to suffer.


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