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…so very STUPID


My kids don’t have any type of relationship with their father.  That was his choice, and a very poor one I might add.  But I work very hard to make sure they do have a relationship with their grandparents.  I didn’t want to.  I mean lets be honest, they don’t like me, and I don’t like them, but they are the kids grandparents.  So when their dad stopped showing up and calling, I sucked it up and contacted the grandparents and said that even though their son was choosing not to be a part of the kids lives, they were still more than welcomed to be involved.  And to be honest and fair, we had a phone call the next day asking if and when they could see the kids.  And they’ve been great about spending time with the kids and understanding that as the kids get older, their time is limited.  That isn’t what makes me stupid, that’s the part that makes me a decent person.

What makes me stupid is the fact that the kids and I were going to go up to our favorite lake today, and we invited the grandparents to join us.  Less distance for them to travel, and time with the kids – it’s all good.  Well the problem came when my daughter found out she was scheduled to work today.  No biggie – we’ll just do it another day.  Well, the kids are very busy kids and the only day they had available this week was tomorrow.  So I call the grandparents and explain (and they totally understood) and agreed that tomorrow would be fine.  Okay great, right.  WRONG!  here comes the stupid part.   Tomorrow is my birthday.  I forgot.  I didn’t forget that it was my birthday, I just didn’t make the connection with Tuesday and my birthday.  So yeah, now I get to spend my birthday at the lake, with the grandparents.  See, STUPID


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