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Which if my math is right (and it may not be) means i’m now 45.  Statistically, I’ve lived over half my life now, and when it comes right down to it, I don’t have a ton to show for it.  But I’m refusing to give into the self-pity that is welling up inside of me, so instead, I’ll talk about my birthday – which actually sucked (which follows tradition) but we’ll find the funny it.

My mom and my kids got me a ninja blender so I can start juicing, and Abs will totally use it to make smoothies – she’s the smoothie queen.  The Z-man got me a gift card to B&N, and Ms. Abs – well the poor kid tried so hard.  She noticed the other day that my copies of the Harry Potter books are falling apart – I think the duck tape and the first 244 pages of Goblet of Fire sitting on the sofa may have been a good clue.  So she looked on line and got a price for a complete new set – the sweetie, and ran up to our local B&N to buy them.  They were DOUBLE the price in the store, so I made her return them and we ordered them online.  So she’s feeling miserable that she doesn’t have a gift here for me and I’m feeling miserable that she’s feeling miserable – empathy sucks sometimes.

We met the ex out-laws at the lake yesterday and Ms. Abs drove up EEEEEEKKKKK.  I have to be honest, my day SUCKED.  These people don’t like me, I don’t like them, that’s understood, so why do they feel the need to talk with me for the whole day.  I had books to read people!  My favorite beach activity is reading books, but no, they wouldn’t leave me alone.  Did they talk to their grandkids – hardly at all.  And when a friend of theirs stopped by to say hello, they didn’t even bother to introduce their grandchildren. WRONG WRONG WRONG.  Add to that, ex father-out-law is deaf and refuses to, I don’t know, turn his freaking hearing aids UP so every time he asked me a question and I answered he had to turn to the ex mother-out-law and say “What did she say?” I was practically yelling, I swear they could hear me across the freaking lake, but he couldn’t.

I did get oodles of birthday wishes on facebook, and in the castle, but their was one person I was really hoping to hear from and didn’t, and I’m foolishly allowing it to negatively impact me.

So while it was a good day, spending it with the ex out-laws did make it a bad day  – but on the plus side…I probably won’t have to have any dealings with them for the rest of the summer, so YIPPEE.


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