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So I saw on the news today that McDonalds is making changes to it’s happy meal.  They’re decreasing the amount of fries and including apple slices in an effort to combat childhood obesity.

I have news for you McDonalds people and nutrition people.  This change is NOT going to combat childhood obesity in any way shape or form.

If a child eats a normal, healthy diet and gets lots of exercise, the occasional happy meal, complete with fries is NOT going to do any damage.  And if a child is raised on a steady diet of fast foot, and lives a sedentary life, making the size of the fries smaller and adding apples isn’t going to help.

Kids need to be outside playing and running around and eating healthy most of the time.  Changes like this, or prohibiting birthday cupcakes at school is not going to change anything.  We need to first educate people on the proper way to feed their children, and we need to make sure that there is affordable healthy food for people.

Enough said.


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