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I am exhausted and what’s bad about it, is every night, there I am, laying in bed, unable to fall asleep.  We’re not talking regular old tired, we are talking even keeping my eyes open to type this up is a huge struggle that i will not win, kind of tired.

See, the problem is, my natural sleep pattern is stay up way late, like 2:00 a.m. or later, late and sleep until whenever.  However, real life, or at least my life, doesn’t operate on that cycle.  So I make an effort, even on weekends and vacations to stick to my work sleep schedule.  If I don’t, my body quickly reverts back to my old sleep pattern.

However, this summer, my body has chosen not to cooperate by falling asleep at a normal time.  Factor in a heck of a lot of stress over money and a few other things that are too personal to blog about, and you have a recipe for disaster.

And so I sit here, typing, hoping it makes sense, in an effort to keep myself awake.  I want to take a nap – desperately, but i’m afraid if i do, i’ll be awake most of the night  – again.

One of my friend’s recommended melatonin, and i’m going to look into that.  But that won’t remove the other underlying problems of stress.  So I think my only solution is to win powerball,, quit my job, hire a housekeeper, and let my body sleep when it wants and be awake when it wants.  I figure if i pay the housekeeper enough, he or she will make sure that the kids get off to school every morning lol


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