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…all excited


Yes, I am excited, and I’m incredibly bummed out over what has me so excited.  We have what I call the world’s smallest kitchen.  Seriously two people cannot be in it at the same time to do anything more than get a glass of milk.  There is no cooking together, or washing and drying the dishes together.  And counter space, well that is non-existent.  It wasn’t quite as non-existent when my parents first bought the condo in the 70’s.  Back then, the only thing that went on the counter was the toaster and the dis strainer.

Since then, we’ve had the addition of a toaster oven, a coffee pot (before that coffee was made on the stove – can you believe it?) and the MICROWAVE.  Remember when microwaves first came out?  They were ginormous.  I mean epically ginormous.  Well they have gotten smaller in the years since the first micro beast entered our house.  But when you have minimal counter space, even the smallest of microwaves is too big.

So i bit the bullet and purchased an over the range microwave, and the installation people are here installing it as I type.  Words cannot express the glee I am feeling at gaining all that counter space back.  I am practically giddy with excitement.  And I am thoroughly disgusted at my glee.  It’s a freaking kitchen appliance.  Why am I happy about a kitchen appliance.  Okay why am I THIS happy over a kitchen appliance.  Seriously, this kind of glee is usually reserved for new jobs, wedding proposals or winning the lottery, lol.

So color me all excited for the new microwave.  I’ll be back with a picture when the work guys are done.



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