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I have been absent lately.  Not because there has been a lack of desire to blog anything.  Nor has there been a lack of things to blog about.  What there has been a lack of, is TIME.  It’s the start of a new school year and  that means a busy time for me.  I have my own kids to get settled into to the school routine, and can I just say they are super involved kids – thank God they’re driving now.  I also have my own self to get settled into the back to school routine.  And while it’s challenging for my own kids, they have new classes to contend with, it’s doubly challenging for me because not only do I have new classes to contend with, I have a new batch of freshman.  Occasionally in the cafeteria at school, you’ll hear upperclassmen banging on the tables chanting “Go Home FRESHMAN!”  and truth be told, i want to go in there and chant right along with them.  Confidentiality issues prohibit me from talking about my new students, but I can say they are presenting some very challenging behaviors.  Coupled with that, I’m also co-teaching English with one of our English teachers.  It’s fun, but as I am constantly getting called out of class to deal with the above mentioned challenging students, I don’t get to do much of anything in the way of interesting or productive.

It’s not only school that’s keeping me from blogging.  It is a new TV season after all, and I am a self proclaimed tv-0-holic, and I have a rather full TV viewing schedule.  I’m enjoying Hart of Dixie – it’s fluffy fun television and I’m liking The Secret Circle too, as well as my fave shows from last season, and I’m LOVING Revenge because it’s got a plum role for my all time Roswell actor Nick Wechsler.

And speaking of Roswell – the series was based upon a series of books by Melinda Metz.  Ms. Metz is a very talented author who as written a great number of books.   Most recently, she co-authored a book, with Laura J. Burns entitled Sacrifice.  Well in very cool news, Ms. Metz tweeted one day looking for people to review the new book and I was one of the lucky nes.   I’m happy overjoyed super excited to say my copy arrived yesterday and it’s on the very top of my reading pile.  Translation – i’ve bumped a bunch of books and I’ll be reading it starting tomorrow night.  So watch for my review, which will NOT be a “Well Color Me…”  or maybe it will – who knows.  But be watching, the review will be up this weekend!


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