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Sacrifice – Book Review


Sacrifice by Melinda Metz and Laura Burns is the second book in a two book series.  There is enough back story provided in Sacrifice so you do not have to read Crave, it’s prequel but I would highly recommend it.

In Sacrifice, Shay, who is a half vampire, is brought by Gabriel, a full vampire,  to join his family.  A family that coincidentally, was also family to Shay’s vampire father. This is done to protect them both from Shay’s evil step-father who wants to experiment on Gabriel to discover the secret to the eternal life of a vampire.

While on the surface Sacrifice is a vampire story, if you look deeper, you’ll find a story of family, bonds, control and prejudice.  Metz and Burns use the vampires as a vehicle to get their message across.

Shay has very high expectations of Gabriel’s family.  She has had visions of them and sensed the love that they share when she received transfusions of Gabriel’s blood.  When she meets them however, she is crushed by her reception.  To them she is an abomination, a curse, a half-breed who shouldn’t even be alive.

Ersnt, the father figure, unilaterally decides Shay’s fate, and she is imprisoned and left to starve.  Richard, one of Ernst’s sons has taken over Gabriel’s role in the family and shares Ersnt’s hatred for Shay, as does his mate, Tamara.  Also in the family are Luis and Millie.  Luis doesn’t have quite the same hatred for Shay as the others, but he isn’t a strong personality and will do whatever he is told.  Millie, however has her own opinions and is more willing to judge Shay  on her own merits and not judge her based upon the actions of all humans.

The novel is well written and an easy and enjoyable read.  Much like in her Roswell High series, Metz uses the supernatural genre to address the issues of  of the teenager.  Shay has to deal with a life threatening illness because she is half vampire, and she feels set apart from her peers because of that illness. She has to deal with abandonment issues and the prejudice of Gabriel’s family because she is half human.  All issues that are faced by teens today.

Sacrifice is well written and fast paced.  It’s weakest point is, if anything, the vampire storyline itself.  Their story is captivating, but the vampire mythos has been over written in my opinion.  Metz and Burns don’t bring anything new to the vampire mythology, but do use it to effectively deliver their message.  That being said, it’s a great read and the underlying message is one that should not be missed – it’s a five out of five stars for me.


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