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My son’s brand new laptop (brand new as in got it at the end of august) decided to not work.  There was no display on it, but you could here it running.  So I hooked it up to an external monitor and it worked fine. There is NO damage on the laptop or screen.  I mean NONE.  My son has had some issues with the killing of laptop screens, so of course I had to check.  Zip, nada, nothing.  So I tried downloading new drivers for it as per the HP website – still nothing.  Took it to my friendly neighborhood computer repair person for help with the drivers and they said – no, look, it’s some sort of back light bulby thing because if you shine a light on the screen, you can see the display.  It’s covered under warranty.

So online I went and found a list of local HP repair places. I called the first one – out of business.  I called the second one “oh we only work on business computers.”  Funny, I found them listed on the website under home/personal computers, but never mind.  Then I saw best buy.  I called best buy and verified that they could ship out the laptop.  Answer YES!  Great I headed up to best buy and stood in line for 15 minutes.  They geek squad guy who helped me tried one thing to make it work but no luck.  Then when he found out I didn’t buy it there, refused to ship it out under warranty.  NOT HAPPY.

I headed back home and called HP and got somebody in India.  I have to be honest, I HATE talking to customer support in foreign countries.  I bought my American computer from an American company in an American store.  Why can’t I get customer support from an American?  Anyhow, they had me try all the stuff I’d already tried following the HP website instructions, but I did it anyhow.  I do try to be a team player.  Nothing worked, so they would ship me a box to send it back, they’d make the warranty repairs and send it back.  No problem.

Box came, computer shipped out, and I kept track on the website…and it said REPAIRED and shipped back.  Fast forward to yesterday when fed ex tried to deliver said computer, but nobody was home.  No biggie, i ran up to their facility to pick it up last night.  Okay the place was light Fort Knox and I felt like the music from Mission Impossible should have been playing in the background as I tried to find my way in.  But success was mine and I got the computer and headed home.  On my way home, HP customer support called to see if i w satisfied and I explained that I didn’t know, as I’d just picked up the computer, and that I would call if there was a problem.  I got home, plugged it in, turned it on and what do you know…NO FREAKING DISPLAY!

Pissed did not begin to cover what I was feeling – i looked at the paperwork and it said repaired and listed what HP had done.  It replaced something and did an upgrade…Okay great – well not great, but I got back on the phone with HP and HELLO INDIA speaking.

I spoke with a woman who put me on hold several times and them came back and said that hardware support said there was damage to the screen and it wasn’t covered under warranty.  WHAT????? WHAT????????  No, there was NO damage to the screen.  That’s when I started getting MAD.  She put her supervisor RAAVI on the phone and he proceeded to tell me that yes there was damage and that they’d called me several times to tell me that.  Now I moved beyond mad to pissed because the papwer work they sent had no mention of any damage, there WAS no damage and they never tried calling me.  Anyone who knows me knows my phone is pretty much always with me.  And if I’m in school and can’t answer a call, there is this great thing called VOICE MAIL.  They never called, they never tried and they were lying about the damage.  RAAVIE then proceeded to tell me that I was wrong – in fact, he pretty much called me a liar for saying there was no damage and saying they didn’t call.

That’s when I flipped.  I admit it, I flipped out and I said a very inappropriate word.  I was wrong but seriously, to go through all of this, basically be called a liar and still have a broken computer was a bit much in my opinion.  Then RAAVI felt the need to lecture me for swearing at him.  HELLO?  Since when did RAAVI become my parent?  That would be NEVER.  I asked to be transferred to American customer service and he told me they didn’t have any.  I asked him for their corporate headquarter number and he wouldn’t give it to me.  I asked him for his last name and he wouldn’t give it to me. I asked him for his employee identification number and he wouldn’t give it to me.  That’s when I hung up on him.

I called back again and got India and asked how could I get an American customer service rep and was told just keep calling and eventually I would get one.  HMM, so RAAVI lied about no American customer service reps.  OK.  I tried again, and got Manilla and decided to give them a whirl.

I feel badly because I was so mad that I didn’t get anybody’s names and it’s a shame because they were EXCELLENT.  I spoke with a woman first and she did her thing and had me on hold for quite a while.  Then she came back on and said she was giving me to her supervisor who would help me but then asked after I was done with him, would I be willing to talk with her again about an extended warranty.  I said yes because she was so willing to get answers for me, I felt I should be willing to listen to her spiel.

After that her supervisor came on the phone and we chatted some about the computer and he checked some stuff in the computer and asked if anybody had told me there would be a charge to repair the computer.  I told him no, that everything on the website where I tracked the repairs said no charge/warranty, and that NOBODY had ever tried to call me, and he agreed that he couldn’t see anywhere in the computer where anybody had tried to call me.  *GASP*  you mean RAAVI lied to me?

He then said he’d be shipping me out another box and would waive the fees to have it sent next day air to get it back to me quicker.  That’s cool.  I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t expect it, but that was good customer service in my opinion.

So the laptop is sitting here in the living room, waiting for the fed ex box to get here and I’ll send it out again.  Hopefully this will take care of the problem, and I did purchase the extended warranty.  I don’t believe there was any damage to the screen.  My son had been using it sitting on his bed when I called him down for dinner.  He put it to sleep and after dinner went back up to use it again.  When he went to turn it on, there was no display.  Maybe the damage was it had hurt feelings because my son left it alone to go eat dinner?  No, I don’t think so.  I think HP screwed up and didn’t want to admit it.

I’m less than thrilled with my HP experience and I will be thinking long and hard when it is time to replace the existing computers in the house.  I’m just one person, and my not buying HP products isn’t going to impact their bottom line too much, but maybe other people will read this and they’ll rethink it too.  Maybe not, who knows.


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