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17 years ago tonight , I was in labor.  We’d had Thanksgiving at my mum’s house as usual, and I helped clean up the kitchen – no small task given the size of my enormous tummy and the size of our tiny kitchen, and home we went.  I was excited because the next night was my 10th high school reunion, and I couldn’t wait to see some old friends.

We went home and I went to bed – not really to sleep because who can sleep when their 8 months pregnant.  But I had dozed off, and at one point, I woke up to go to the bathroom – now there’s a surprise.  It was around 1:00 in the morning and I made my way to the bathroom, did my thing and was walking out when I stopped dead.  It felt like I’d just wet my pants – hey, we can excuse my stupidness, I was half asleep, after all.

I woke up my then husband and told him (and this is the last good, cute, funny, husband-like thing he ever did).  He jumped up out and flew OVER the bed and was downstairs before i could even focus.  I called down to him and he came back looking sheepish.  When i asked what he was doing, he said he was going to start the car to go to the hospital.

I called my doctor and she said not to come in until the contractions started.  I asked if I could still go to the reunion and after finding out that it was down the street from the hospital, she said it was okay, but not to plan on it.   Stupid ex husband also called his parents who felt the need to drive down right then and there and check into a hotel.  Don’t ask me why, I certainly didn’t want them around, but hey, as I was starting to learn, my thoughts, feelings and opinions didn’t matter too much.

I hung out all day doing pretty much nothing and around 6:00 that night i got up to get ready for the reunion – I’d found the most awesome maternity outfit to wear and everything.  That’s when the contractions started and damn, they hurt.  I called my best friend Chris and said I wasn’t going anywhere but the hospital and that I’d see her later, and off to the hospital we went.    And here ladies and gentleman is where my marriage started to go down hill, but that’s a blog for another day – or quite possibly never because really, who cares.

My then in-laws were sitting in the waiting room complaining that it was taking too long.  HELLO, giving birth is not a process to be rushed, and my stupid husband, instead of being with me, in the room was choosing to hang with his parents in the waiting room to commiserate with them over how long this whole thing was taking.  It was maybe 10:00 pm by this time.

At one point, my mother yelled at my husband to get back with his wife where he belonged, and lucky me, his mother decided she should join him.  She was the LAST person I wanted to see.  I remember grabbing  a nurse who was leaning over to check something and BEGGING her to get my mother-in-law out of the room.  My mom I could sort of deal with, but my mother-in-law, no way in HELL.

A couple of hours later, they gave me an epidural, and life was very very good.  I even dozed off during the tonight show, lol.  Around 3:00 a.m. the real work began and Abigail was born.  David showed her to me and I remember being really mean and saying I couldn’t look at her right now because I was busy having another baby.  How sucky a mother was I, even then?

Then Zachary was born and both kids were rushed to the NICU.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Abbie was having some breathing issues.  Mom said when they rushed her to the NICU, she was grey and not moving, and Zach wasn’t in much better shape.  But both kids were born, so my in-laws left.  They didn’t know if the babies were going to live or die at that point, but apparently that didn’t matter – they needed their sleep.

They finally got me to my room and told me to sleep for a while because it would be a while before I could go see the kids.  We both crashed for a few hours, and then he woke up and decided he wanted to go home and sleep “because he was really tired.”

Well obviously, both babies not only survived, they thrived and they are now happy healthy, and even though they annoy me sometimes, I thank God each and every day that they ‘re mine.


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