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….Over the Whole Whitney Thing


In case you haven’t heard the news, Whitney Houston died last Saturday.  Though the only way you couldn’t have heard the news is if you were dead yourself, and in that case, you have bigger problems than Whitney Houston’s passing.  Am I sad that such a beautiful and gifted singer has been silenced permanently?  Yes, of course I am.  Do I think it should be the top news story on every single news cast?  No, I don’t.

I think it’s very sad that Ms. Houston passed away, and my heart bleeds for her poor daughter, but I’m also incredibly angry as well.  While we don’t know the cause of death, most people are surmising that it is probably related to Ms. Houston’s drug issues.  Everyone keeps talking about how tragic it is.  It is tragic, but I’m sorry, it’s equally tragic every single time somebody loses their battle with addiction.  Why aren’t we mourning those deaths?  Where are the candlelight vigils and public memorial services for those people?  Are they any less important?  No, they’re not.

I think, we as a society, pay too much attention to those we deem “famous.”  They’re not any different than you or I, and they don’t need to be put on pedestals.  Maybe we should leave the so called beautiful people alone and focus our attention on those around us who are struggling, or at the very least pay the same amount of attention to them.  Celebrate their successes and mourn their failures.  I think we as a society need to shift our priorities and figure out what really matters.  Ms. Houston’s passing DOES matter, but so does the passing ever every single person in this world.



  1. Tracie, i feel ya! Every time a celebrity wipes their {bleep} or blows their nose, the community jumps to announce it. Please don’t get me wrong, a loss of life is always sad and should be seen as such. But do we broadcast for days on end about how a local humanitarian died? Nope, maybe a local 20 second clip on the news. Do we broadcast when a baby born to a drugged out woman dies? Nope, maybe just a line in the local paper.

    I am always reminding Claire that anything you have in life, be grateful for it, and do not make others feel bad for not having it. It can vanish in a second and you are only left with who you are on the inside. She gets made fun of by the girls at school who are the “STAR” players on the teams. Claire has never played sports before, and she is not all that good yet, but she is trying. But she is so excited to just be a part of the team. Even if she sits on the bench the entire game, she loves it! There are girls who pout, kick, say mean things, and freak out when the coach pulls them out for even a minute. They are the ones i worry for… one day when they grow up, they will not be the “STAR” of the team. They will just be living their average life. They might adjust, but they might hit rock bottom and hard when they realize that they are just human, not a star.

    I put a lot of the blame on society for the way these girls act. You are suppose to want to be a star and seek your moment of fame. You are told that when you die, even if it is because you are a drugged out loser at the end of your life… you were once a star, and so you are famous in death and kids think that THIS is what they should want in life. It shouldn’t be what they want in life. They should not think that it is “cool” or “acceptable” to die of a drug overdose or because you screwed up your life. Not just Whitney… Heath Ledger, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and the list could go on and on… people are immortalized by their tragic deaths, but only because for a short while they were special and talented. But they wasted their talent and let the fame destroy them. We shouldn’t be placing people who fall hard to their deaths back up on the pedestal and telling kids that it’s OK because they once were famous.

  2. Excellent! I totally agree with you. I find it interesting, that we “create” these people and then spend our lives, commenting on theirs. Like you said, focus on the people around you that are IN your life, rather than commenting on someone you don’t know, whose public persona is probably just a made up character, and could care less about you.
    Do I really like the Twilight movies? Yes, do I have any idea what most of the actors names are? I do not. Same with my favorite show “Revenge” ( accept Nick).
    Everyone who is struggling deserves someone to notice and care and mourn their failures. No one is more “special” because someone deemed them so.
    I too am SO over Whitney. Where were all these “people” when this woman was on a downward spiral?

    • exactly, why wasn’t somebody there the very first time saying – no, don’t take, smoke sniff or inject that – where were they then?

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