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School has started, and with it, an influx of germs.  The kids got sick and were generous enough to share their germs with me.  I’m all for sharing, but really, I should have drawn the line at the whole germ thing.

Getting sick happens, I have kids that go to school, and I work IN a school with kids.  What kills me is EVERY single time, I try to better my self health wise, I get sick.  I’m not kidding.  I started taking a multi vitamin – bam,  I get sick.  I change my eating habits, I get sick, start exercising, I get sick.  It’s like my body is saying no, don’t, we like being overweight with poor eating habits.  Don’t change us!

And sure enough, it happened again.  I’ve embarked on an incredible life changing experience of late.  Back in August, I was chosen to participate in the Better U, 90 day Commit to Get Fit program put on in conjunction with the American Heart Association and the Executive Health and Athletic club.  I’ve been blogging about it over at Color Me Skinny if you’re interested.  The program has been teaching us healthy ways to eat, and we’ve been experimenting with different exercise programs seeing if we can each find the ONE that we’ll be willing to do.

Admittedly, I’ve not had much luck in that area, mostly because I hate to exercise, but I used to own a walk of the weight video and decided to pull that out and do it.  Well guess what?  It’s was gone!  No worries, I ordered a new dvd on ebay and it arrived on Friday, and on Saturday, I was struck down by the plague.  Okay not really the plague, but one kick ass killer cold.

I’m left to wonder HOW, if I’ve been eating healthy, and exercising could a germ even EXIST in my body?  It’s just unfair.  Needless to say with a throat full of glass shards, I’ve not been eating healthy.  Mostly I’ve been existing on chicken rice soup with brown rice.  Sounds good, but the rice is a carb and I’m technically only allowed 1 serving of carbs a day and I’m way over that eating with the soup.  But I’m NOT eating anything else, so I’m really down on my calories.  And the exercise thing ISN’T happening.  I haven’t had the strength, ambition or oxygen intake ability to do anything.

It’s not fair!  But I’m starting to feel better, so maybe tonight I’ll be able to walk of the weight for a while – and eat something other than soup.  I’m not letting this cold derail this lifestyle change.  Not this time.  I’ve come too far already to mess up and go back to my old eating and not exercising habits.


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