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On so many levels.  It’s November, in case you weren’t aware of that fact, and it’s time once again for NaNoWriMo.  For those of you not familiar with it, that’s National Novel Writing Month. The goall is to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  I’ve tried it before (and failed) and I’m trying again (and procrastinating.  In fact, I’m creating a list on twitter of the top 10 reasons to avoid working on my nano project.  So far I have:

10.  I have to do laundry

9.  That candy isn’t going to crush itself ya know.


I’m sure I’ll come up with others as a way to avoid writing.  Why do I want to avoid writing?  I don’t, but I am, and always have been, a champion procrastinator.  Part of it’s just pure laziness.  Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?  But another part of it is I just get so overwhelmed with details – they fill my head so much that I can’t focus on anything.

In fact, posting here is another example of the getting overwhelmed with details, and my mind going in too many directions to count and an inability to focus.  I was folding my laundry (see nano excuse number 10) and thinking about my story.  I had started out wanting to take one of my fanfics and turning it into an original piece.  Part of me thought this was an easy way out, but it’s not.  The piece I’m working on is from a Roswell fanfic, and it starts midway through Season 2.  Well I can’t just start a story in the middle like that.  I need a back story, so I’m working on that, and trying to make it as unRoswell as possible.  From there, my mind jumped to a fanfic I never finished that I have posted here on this site, and that brought my mind to this site, which I haven’t updated in 2 years.

Then I started thinking well maybe I’ll turn it into an author site (how’s that for positive thinking) which led me to think about another site that I have all about positive thinking.  That in turn led me to think about two fansites that I run (one of which I’m going to have to close, and my color me skinny website which chronicles my failed attempts at getting healthy and also has NOT been updated in forever and a day.

From there, my mind went back to my story and I thought of a HUGE change I need to make to make the story as unRoswellian as possible.    And from there my mind jumped back to procrastination, and websites and here i am updating this website.

UGH, I wonder if they make a pill for this.  They can couple it with the fat be gone pill I wish they made.  It would be awesome, I’d be skinny, and focused.

Okay, enough procrastination – back to NaNoWriMo


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