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It would be an understatement to say I enjoy people watching.  In fact, I LOVE it, and I’m finding that the gym is a great place to people watch.  I see all sorts of people at the gym.  I see skinny people, fat people, old people and young people, people who are in shape, and people who aren’t.

I know Planet Fitness is a judgement free zone, and please exucse me for a second while I am a bit judgemental, or perhaps I’m just jealous.  I saw a guy there today, and he was overweight – so am I.  He wasn’t good looking  – that’s okay, neither am I.  But this guy, was wearing a wife beather that was really disgusting, and his body hair was apparently everywhere, and so was his overweightness.     Now see, I realize that this is where I sound judgemental, but I’m not becasue I’m so freaking in AWE of this guy who just didn’t give a rat’s ass what he looked like.  He was there, doing his thing, and he just didn’t care.

Now comes the curious part – how did he get that way?  How can I get that way?  How do you get to be someone who just doesn’t CARE about what other people think?  I really do want to be that way.


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