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Last Sunday, I took a tumble at the gas station and injured my knee.  The official diagnosis is a bruised bone, but I’ve had that before and this hurts sooooo much more.

I started out the week on crutches, but those are more problem then they are worth.  The doctor said as soon as I could put weight on my knee I could lose the crutches, so they are lost!

Sadly, this has impacted my C25K progress.  I was supposed to start week 3 last Monday.  That obviously didn’t happen.  I was going to try and head back to the gym tomorrow, but a small tripping incident today has convinced me that it probabaly wouldn’t be such a great idea.

I’m so frustrated…i was doing so well, I was making progress.  I will go back again…i just wish it could be sooner rather than later 🙁


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