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…A Bit Critical


And really…I have no earthly right to be critical about this.  But I am.  I get a lot of free books for my Kindle and because they’re free I probably have even less of a right to be criticial, but I can’t help it.

If you are an author, and you are self-publishing your books for kindle or nook, first – GOOD for you.  It’s more than I’ve done, and I applaud your ambition, drive and dedication.  That being said, I feel the need to offer this one little bit of criticism.

As a reader, I like my dialogue to sound like a real conversation.  Your characters should speak the way people speak.  A story set in the 1800’s west should not have characters saying they are laid back, or talking about getting an up-do.

And contractions people.  We use them when we talk, use them when you write.  Same goes for slang.  But make sure it’s appropriate slang – again, no 19th century cowboy is going to say he is laid back or mellow.

Lady Penelope may very well tell Lord Haversham that kissing him would be unseemly, but she isn’t going to say he’s nuts.

Think about your characters and think about how that conversation would go in real life, and write it that way.  There is a time and a place for impeccable grammar, but it isn’t in dialogue.


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