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Really Annoyed with American Airlines


It all started when I went to confirm my flight and print out my boarding pass the night before I left for Las Vegas.  American’s website wouldn’t allow me to print out a boarding pass.  Why?  Because for some odd reason, I was double booked for my connecting flight from O’Hare to Las Vegas.  I didn’t double book myself, I didn’t pay extra, yet I was double booked.  The woman on the phone was unable to help and said to just check in at the airport.  Not to mention that my flight time which was supposed to be 4:40 pm had been moved up to 2:00 but NOBODY had seen fit to tell me that.  I never would have known had I not gone online to print out my boarding stuff.

At the airport, I go to the nice American Airlines express check in out front and the guy tells me I’m supposed to be on US Airways.  I tried to explain that I wasn’t, but he insisted I was.  I lug myself and my luggage across traffic to the other side of the airport to the US Airways  check in and what do you think they told me – “You’re supposed to be over at American Airlines.”  I explained that I knew that, but the nice idiot guy at American sent me over to US Airways.  The guy at US Airways told me to ignore the express check in out front and go inside and check in.  I did and all was well with my world – or so I thought.

The flight was fine, and we landed at O’Hare and I wandered around a bit, found a place to charge my phone and stuff.  Well during this time it became incredibly dark and it wasn’t because it was night, no, there were severe storms that had moved in.  My flight was delayed again, and again, and again.  Now I know that American Airlines has NO control over the weather, but we kept being delayed because they had to wait for a flight crew.  I’m sorry, Chicago is a major hub, isn’t it.  One would think they would have fairly ready access to flight crews – but apparently not.  I ended up not getting to Chicago until almost 2:00 the NEXT MORNING.  Keep in mind that I was traveling from the East Coast so it was about 4:00 in the morning according to my body, when I finally arrived.  By the time I got to my hotel and ate and got to bed, it was close to 7:00 in the morning east coast time.  I’d now been up for officially 24 hours.

I did my Vegas thing with my friends but during my Vegas thing, I received an email from Flight Line (the nice company that was picking me up at Logan Airport and driving me home) telling me that my flight did not exist.  Well it existed, but it wasn’t going to Logan.  GREAT….so there I am, in VEGAS sitting in my freaking hotel room trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL was going on with my flight.  I mean I was reading the flight info right off the email from when the flight was booked.  Well I finally got through to American Airlines and guess what…they told me I needed to call US AIRWAYS.  I kid you not.  It was like my Logan Airport experience all over again.  WEll I called US Airways and waited on hold for 27 minutes before I got a person and do you know what she told me – “Oh, you need to call American.”  I almost cried at that point.  I begged her not to hang up and explained what was going on, and she agreed to get American on the line and explain the situation, which she did.

When I was finally on the phone with American, the woman was super helpful and looked at all my information and explained that my flight number and time had changed and I was now leaving an hour earlier – but for some reason, I was double booked.  Hmmm where have I heard that before.  She got me all straightened out and I called Flightline with my info and all was well in my world again.  She even told me as soon as I got my confirmation email I could print out my boarding pass.

So off I went to do my Vegas thing again fun times were had by all, and I finally got my email so I went to the hotel computers to print my boarding pass.  Now American has this nifty thing where for $15.00 you can upgrade your boarding group to group 1 I was all on that because I only had a carry on bag, and the flight was booked to capacity, so I knew the overhead bins would fill up quickly – so I whipped out my credit card, paid the $15.00 fee and upgraded and went to print out my boarding pass and it FREAKING WOULDN’T LET ME!

OK, no panic – I figured I would just let the airport people handle it again.  HAA big mistake.

I got to the airport and blew past the self -check in because I KNEW it wouldn’t work and waited in line. When it was my turn, I started to explain the situation to the lady when she said come with me and dumped me on another person named Jamie because it was too difficult for her.  Really Lady, this is your job.  Surprise surprise, Jamie couldn’t help me either and had another girl take me to another line.  So there I am waiting in line and the kid behind me is freaking out because he’s going to miss his flight, so I nicely let him go ahead of me because I was there two hours early.  After he was done, I stepped forward , mostly because I wanted to put my bag down.  The woman behind the counter (her name was Mrs. Sneed) was helping another co-worker with an issue, so I just stood there.  I could see she was busy.  I didn’t make faces, I didn’t sigh, I didn’t complain because really, what’s the point.  She only has two hands and she was helping somebody else out.  And then it happened.  She looked up at me and snapped, “I didn’t say next, so you’re just going to have to wait.”

EXCUSE ME????? I’m getting attitude from you when I’m just standing there?  I was now seriously NOT happy.  When she finally got done helping her co-worker (and to give her credit, it was a very convoluted sounding situation) she asked me what I wanted.  I gave her my paperwork and she starts typing and then sighs so loud, with a very distressed look on her face and told me my flight was delayed because of mechanical troubles.

Now I realize most people would kind of flip out here, and I really wanted to, but even though she gave me some serious attitude earlier, I KNOW she didn’t break the plane, and I said as much to her, and asked would I be able to make my connecting flight.   She told me no.  I asked could they just reroute me to Manchester as that’s where I was headed, anyhow.  And bam the attitude was back.  “We can’t do that, your flight is for Boston.” and explained that the would give me a hotel voucher for Vegas (not the strip, the airport so YUCK) or let me take the next flight to Dallas which was where my connecting flight was and stay there overnight and fly out in the morning (again with a hotel voucher.)

OK, maybe they can’t do that because of whatever reason, but it was a valid question on my part.  I looked at her and said, I have a question, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful when I ask this, but if you’re willing to pay for a hotel for me for the night, why can’t you just change my flight to Manchester, I don’t think the price would be that much more than a hotel voucher.

No came the attitude again.  “I don’t even know the code to that airport.” To which I responded MHT.  “WEll what airlines even FLY there.  I proceeded to list the carriers that I knew used the airport, Delta, United, Southwest, when she interrupted me with “OH we don’t talk to Southwest.”

All I could think was well baby, maybe you should because whenever I’ve flown Southwest, I’ve NEVER had a problem.

From there, she proceeded to book me a flight on United that wasn’t leaving until 10:00 that night, landing in Newark at 5:30 the next morning, and landing in Manchester at 9:30 the next morning.  All things being equal, I decided to take it as I’d had just about all I could take with American Airlines.  After I got that all straightened out, I checked my messages and there was a call from home saing American had called to say my flight was delayed. Nice of them to call New Hampshire to tell my my flight out of VEGAS – where i WAS had been delayed

Now like I said, the can’t control the weather, but you would think they would be able to plan flight crews better.  I also think that they should train their people to actually read flights and realize that when someone says they are flying on American, they probably know what they’re talking about.  Obviously this big merger between American and US Airways isn’t going well and their method of dealing with problems is to pass the buck to the other airlines, and I most especially think that the need to train their counter people to have a little less attitude when the person in front of them isn’t giving them attitude.  Had I been a bitch, I would have deserved attitude, but I wasn’t, and therefore didn’t.

I can pretty much promise that I will never again pay to fly on American or US Airways, and thanks to the power of the internet, I am telling EVERYONE I know, and they’ll remember this cheerful little tale when it is time for them to book a flight.



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