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…Annoyed with People in Parking Lots


When I was a child, my parents held my hand in parking lots.  They also taught me to look at the cars and if they had their lights on, to WAIT.  Nine times out of ten the driver would signal me to keep walking, but not always.  In short, my parents took responsibility for me, and taught me how to behave.  I was not allowed to run rampant through parking lots.  In short, common sense and common courtesy were taught to me.

That brings me to an incident which occured today.  I was in a parking lot, and I was preparing to back out.  Yes, I did look around, but here is the thing.  I started to back out and a woman walked right behind me, so I stopped, and yes, grumbled a bit to myself.  I looked again and nobody was there and so I started again, when lo and behold, an older woman was there, and she was shouting at me.

I rolled down the window and in a sickeningly sweet voice asked if she had something she needed to say to me, and she started yelling at me for almost hitting her grandchild.  OK, here’s the deal, if your child is lower than my rear window, and you’re letting her run through the parking lot, HOW can I see her?

When did it become the sole responsibility of the driver?  Doesn’t the pedestrian have some responsiblity to NOT walk in front of, or in this case, behind a moving vehicle?  Shouldn’t an adult hold the hand of a child in a parking lot?  I’ll agree that a large percentage of the responsibility does indeed lie with the driver, they are the ones in control of the 2000+ moving vehicle, but the pedestrian does have some responisiblity as well.  They need to look both ways, and if a car is moving, for Pete’s sake, don’t walk in front of it.

I am so sick of people who refuse to accept responisiblity for themselves and assume that everything is the fault of others.  When you are in a parking lot, LOOK around, be aware of the cars, hold the hands of your children, and teach them about looking both ways and what the lights on the car mean – in short, be a freaking parent.

And don’t get me started about the people that drive across the parking spaces….they’re the biggest jerks of all, but that’s a blog for another day.


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