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All Lives Matter


I’m probably going to be flamed for posting this today, but here goes.  Yesterday, I took my daughter back to college.  We climbed up the stairs to her floor, and when we opened the door, the first thing I saw, on a dorm room door across from the stairwell was #Black Lives Matter in cut out letters.

I have to say, I was kind of enraged.  Not because someone had that up on their door, hell, I’ll fight to the death to defend their right to have it up there.  No, I was enraged because while black lives matter, so do white lives, and Asian lives, Hispanic lives and every other life.  ALL human life matters.

We need to get away from identifying by race, religion and sexual gender.  Have you ever filled out a form that asks you about race?  The list can be seemingly endless:

White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander and on and on and on.  Really there is only one kind of race – the HUMAN RACE, and every single solitary human life matters.  The sooner we realize that, the better.




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