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…Not a Valentine

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I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion.  It’s a day that makes people who aren’t in relationships, or are in unhappy relationships feel like complete and utter losers.  Now logically, I know that a day doesn’t have the ability to make me feel bad; that power lies within me.  But guess what?  Logic doesn’t play any part in this sad lament.  It’s another Valentine’s Day, and I’m alone.  Alone without even the glimmer of a possibility of a relationship on the horizon.

Maybe that means I’m not ready for a relationship, or maybe it just confirms my feelings that I’m a complete and utter loveless loser.  Who knows, maybe I am. I look around and I see people paired up, and sometimes I wonder how they hell they ended up with someone and I’m all alone.  Sometimes I can be a real bitch, even if it is just in my head. Eh, maybe that’s why I’m alone.

I don’t know, what I do know is it just sucked tonight walking into the grocery store and seeing row after row of red roses, and chocolates and bottles of champagne, and all the mushy smushy cards.  But I suppose that when you have love, real love, you don’t need a single day to celebrate it, or roses or jewelry.  You just need each other.  Who knows, maybe some day I’ll find my other.


One Comment

  1. I know that someday you’ll finally find someone to spend forever with….maybe that person just isn’t ready yet, and that’s why you haven’t met them. But what I do know is you’re not a loser and I love you very much.

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