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…Still Moving

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So I started making healthy changes a just about a month ago and I wanted to check in and show myself some love and support because i deserve it 🙂

I’m down around 16 pounds and I’m seeing a difference in how my clothing fits, which is good.  I’m also “shopping” in my closet, which is even better!

I started using a fitbit.  I had a flex lying around the house that I got for free, and I liked it.  I liked it so much that for my 10 pound reward, I upgraded to a fitbit charge, and i’m tracking my sleep too.  Man I do NOT sleep well.

I’m doing really well at incorporating 10,000 steps or more a day into my life.  If I don’t get it done at school, I come home and walk, and if I get them all in at school, chances are it was a really exhausting day, and I just go to bed.

I’m doing Atkins – it’s going well,, but there are some drawbacks.  All that protein and not as much fiber can effect the digestion, and it’s hard to get all the fiber you need in without going over on carbs, but I’m finding ways to work with it.  I’m tracking my calories, water and exercise on myfitnesspal which is great, but the way they track carbs doesn’t match and it doesn’t like all the protein that I’m eating, but that’s okay on atkins

I’m’ still not drinking crystal light, so that’s good, and i’m drinking lots of water so that’s another bonus.

I’m psyched because there have been a couple of days this week when I was not close to my 10,000 steps and I just wanted to come home and collapse, but I forced myself to go outside and walk.  So proud of me!

We had a carnival at the school where I work yesterday and I was surrounded by nummy treats.  I will confess to caving and eating a 1/4 of a sno cone (omg it was good) and then we went out to dinner and I *gasp* had a half a baked potato, and are you ready for it…..a ROLL.

I was going to be all bummed about it, but then I said what the heck.  I successfully organized a carnival at school, coordinated the booths/participants and got people from an economically depressed community to come in and spend money.  I worked my ASS off and I deserved the roll lol.

Next scheduled cheat day is May 8th.  We’re having a professional development day at school we’ll be ordering in.  No worries because why worry.  This is an ongoing process and I will succeed.

My mantra is I can lose 100 pounds and maintain a healthy weight.  I will do this!


One Comment

  1. Go Tracie!!! i got your back…its always ups and downs…we gotta just keep trying I guess. I’m proud of you!!!

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