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…All About Marriage Equality and the Confederate Flag


So first  – huge happy dance because the Supreme Court came out and said that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.  I think it’s wonderful that they did that – I also think it’s incredibly pathetic that they had to.  Love is love, and you should be able to marry who you want, where you want.

I’m pretty liberal in some of my thinking, but I’m pretty conservative in other things.  Like I said, it’s your right to marry whomever you wish to marry, but it’s also the right of churches, florists etc to refuse to serve you.  Of course it’s also my right to NEVER patronize businesses and organizations that do things like that.    I’m sure my opinion is unpopular, but hey, it’s mine, and I feel strongly about it.  If you own a business, you have the right to refuse service to people.  I think you’re STUPID to do so, but it’s your right.  The same goes for churches.  If a particular sect doesn’t wish to perform a same-sex marriage – that’s their choice.  It’s also a church at which I’ll never worship.

On to the confederate flag.  Slavery happened people, and it happened in this country.  But guess what – the confederate flag never owned slaves.  That flag is a part of our history – it’s kind of a dark part, but in some ways, it’s a proud part as well.  No, not the slavery – that was wrong.  But people are forgetting that some people cared about a cause enough to stand up and fight.  That flag is a part of our history.  It shouldn’t be taken down, and confederate general remains shouldn’t be removed from whatever park they’re taking about.  Those things are a part of our history, and they need to stay as a reminder; a reminder of who we were, and how we’ve changed.

Apple has gone so far as to remove apps with the confederate flag from their app store.  They’ve since gone back and re-added apps that deal with history.  Honestly, that’s censorship – it’s their choice – it’s their company, but it is still censorship.  If an app with a confederate flag upsets you – DON’T BUY IT!  And really people, that flag, it doesn’t represent slavery.  It’s a southern icon.

We’re so freaking caught up in being politically correct, and honestly, we’re going overboard.  No more pilgrim and Indian plays at Thanksgiving because it may upset the Native Americans.  Cashiers can’t wish people Merry Christmas because it may offend non-Christians, we either have to give valentine cards to EVERY kid in class, or not have a Valentine’s day party because someone’s feelings may get hurt, and we can’t have field day at school with races and first, second and third place because we may damage a child’s self-esteem.  Well guess what – in this life, there are winners, and there are losers, some people like you and some people don’t, and yep, some people had slaves, and that was horrible.  But it’s over now, and the flag, well it doesn’t represent slavery as much as it represents a group of people willing to separate from their country and fight for their beliefs.  You know, kind of like we did with England.  People kind of need to get a grip.


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