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…Still fighting the good fight – sort of


I’m still on my weight loss journey, and I’ve lost 30 pounds give or take a pound since I started.  The weight is coming off slower than I would like now, and there are several reasons for that.

1.  I stopped doing Atkins because Tracie can not live by protein alone.

2.  I’ve stopped moving as much since school got out.

3.  I’ve kind of stopped caring.

I’m not too concerned about stopping Atkins because that was never going to be a long term option because I do love carbs, and I think it’s more healthy to eat right and moderate portions rather than just eliminate one food group.

The not moving has bothered me a bit because I really hate being outside in the heat and humidity, so getting all my steps in has been difficult  impossible.  I decided to join Planet Fitness, and i did, but what a freaking production that was.  I just wanted to go and get a black card membership so I could go to the gym close to home and the one close to school when school starts again.  I also wanted to pay for the year in advance.   I don’ t like sharing my checking account info and having my account debited every month.  Well turns out, Planet Fitness just won’t do that – their policy is give us access to your checking account and we’ll let you work out.

After several million tweets to planet fitness and posts on their facebook wall, i was told that if it is a corporately owned store what i want won’t happen, but if it’s a franchise, they MAY do it.  Well score, I found one!  So I have my planet fitness membership, and I started back yesterday.  I may not get my 10,000 steps in every day, but I will be moving and i’m going to set up an appointment with their trainer and learn how to use the machines.

Which brings us to number 3 – I’ve stopped caring.  I miss junk food, and honestly, there’s nobody who cares about what I look like.  I know I should be doing this to improve my  health and my quality of life and to make sure I’m around a long time for my kids.  Those things matter, they really do, but it would be so wonderful if there were someone who cared about me and was proud of the changes I’ve made and stuff.

I’ve gotta get over that, and fast because even if there were someone in my life, i still couldn’t be doing this for them.  This has to be for me.  I’ll get it together.  I have to – for me.


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