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It Works Body Wraps are perfect for salon owners! Or for people who work in a salon or spa.

Do you wish for a firm, tight, slim contoured body? Maybe your clients do as well!

It Works Body Wraps (and other popular products) are fantastic add-on service, or even a stand-alone service for salon owners to drive up revenue! I’m sure you’ve heard of water loss wraps or other types of wraps…THESE ARE NOT THOSE WRAPS! I’d be thrilled to work with you to help your clients achieve fantastic results as well.

Think of the buzz it will create around town ~ the Skinny Wraps will sell themselves!


*It’s as close to magic as it gets! Exclusive (ONLY sold through independent distributors), body slimming wrap is a site-specific, non-woven cloth (11″ x 22″) that is infused with botanical ingredients.

*Firm, tone, tighten, slim & contour. This is NOT water weight!

*Made with natural ingredients!

*Diminish stretch marks and cellulite too!

*Target ANY area of your body!

*Progressive results over 72 hours!

The It Works Body Wraps do exactly what we’ve been wishing we could do forever! You actually can target any area of your body that you want to improve!

Put the body wraps on your stomach-goodbye mommy tummy! Put the body wraps on your butt and get a smoother, lifted booty! You could even put the body wraps on your neck – goodbye double chin! Thighs, calves, back, arms….the It Works Body Wraps can be placed ANYWHERE! We also have facial applicators that your clients will love!

  1. Your Salon will become a Trend Leader in your area …THE product expert looking out for your clients.

  2. Your Salon will offer an EXCLUSIVE product line that is effective, FAST and made with natural ingredients, making it a safe alternative to painful surgery and costly chemically based procedures.

  3. Your Salon can gain credibility by becoming a Trend Setter and offering the It Works Body Wraps as an add-on service for your clients.

  4. Your salon will become THE destination to firm clients’ trouble spots before special occasions (e.g., trips, weddings, reunions, holidays) since they will start to see results in as little as 45 minutes!

  5. Your Salon doesn’t need a wet room, and there is NO equipment to buy. The application process takes only minutes, the wrap is ready-to-use and completely mess-free!

  6. Your Salon can boost product sales by offering the clients progressive results with continued use at home.

  7. Your Salon can offer customized body contouring that is NOT water loss, making it unique.

Just imagine…your clients come in for your new “Skinny Cut”… “Skinny Tan”…. or even “Skinny Nails”… etc. Offering an in-store wrap for them while they get their normal services from you anyway!

You can boost sales by offering Skinny Wraps in your salon!

If you’re in the hair industry, you can Offer your clients a “Skinny Cut”.

It takes about 3-5  minutes to put a wrap on a customer and the wrap works in as little as 45 minute!

Put the wrap on and let it do it’s job while you give your client their hair cut, color, etc.

If your in the nail industry,  offer your client a skinny mani/pedi!

If you’re in the make up industry, offer your client a skinny make over!

If you do lashes, offer…thinner body and thicker lashes!

If you do hair weaves, offer your client a skinny weave!

You get the idea…Be creative!

Signing up as a Distributor with It Works! Global to service the product line allows your salon to receive wholesale pricing. The cost of each wrap is $14.75, and it retails between $25 and $50, which is a markup of 200-400%. The product speaks for itself, and word-of-mouth brings them through your salon door. The opportunities are endless.

As your customers, friends, family, and even employees begin to depend on the results this one-of-a-kind Applicator produces, you can capitalize by signing them up as direct customers, who order product directly from It Works! Global. For the referral, you’ll receive 15% for the lifetime of their orders. When you reach 60 active loyal customers, you receive an add-on bonus of $600 automatically…You do nothing. The Applicators are shipped to their homes and you receive the commission every month. Signing other distributors has immense residual income potential and that can be explored in further detail, if interested.

The only out-of-pocket cost of becoming a Distributor is the distributor kit, which is only $99.   This entitles you to all the rights to sell the entire It Works! Global product line, a business builder kit, a full box of 4 wraps to start with, a few product samples, assortment of sales items, distributor and customer order forms and so much more! You also get a website! The first month is free, and then it’s $20 each month. Have interested customers go straight to your page and order. You do nothing! The company sends the customer their order and you make money! This is a very small investment for such a huge revenue potential.

I will personally help you get started, from assisting you with promotions to facilitating your initial staff training. I will ensure your success! Salons all over the US are offering It Works wraps to their clients and they are Booming!  Find out more about how It Works Body Wraps can help you boost your business…whatever aspect of beauty you’re in!  Ready to increase your cash flow, sales and clientele?  Join my team now!  Our team works with many of you in the beauty industry all over the US.

If you know someone in the beauty industry, pass this along to them!  If you are ready to take

You can respond her, or message me at wrapswithtj@gmail.com and I will get right back to you!  Don’t hesitate.  This is a once in a life time chance to make your business grow!



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