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…Annoyed AF


Well Color Me…Annoyed AF

by Tracie

I understand that I work with a very special population at school.  The kids I work with are diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders, emotional disturbances, emotional handicaps and other health impairments.  It’s a veritable disaster on a daily basis.  They are rude, inconsiderate walking disaster areas, and generally, I love them.  Because of it or in spite of it, I’m not sure, but I really care about these kids.  But there are just some things that i don’t get and I end up annoyed AF.

annoyed AFMost of these kids are on one kind of medicine or another to help them with their disability.  Some of them take meds for ADHD, and others for anxiety.  None of these meds are designed to help the kids not be idiots, yet they will come in, and be incredibly rude and disrespectful and blame it on the fact that they didn’t take their ADHD mets or their anti-anxiety meds.  Or they’ll claim that they can’t go to class because it stresses them out to be in a room full of people they don’t know, yet we inevitably find them hanging out in the cafeteria with 200 of their closest friends.  They have to be friends because they aren’t comfortable being in a classroom with 20 people that they don’t know, so I can only assume they know the 200 kids in the cafeteria because they’re not exhibiting any signs of anxiety.

These kids are also pros at knowing exactly how to press another person’s buttons, and that includes mine.  usually I’m a pro at just rolling with it and letting them play their games but there are times when I am under a lot of pressure and just can’t deal with their bologna.  Today is one of those days.  Well let’s be completely fair and honest, this week is one of those weeks.  I’m displaced from my very small classroom and now sharing an equally small classroom with the other teacher in my program.  He’s being an absolute peach about sharing, but I know it isn’t any easier or him than it is for me.  He keeps his room pretty simple and basic, and that works great for him.  I’m more of a make the classroom feel like home, and that works for me.  Our individual styles don’t work well together.  But a huge shout out to him for making the sacrifice and sharing and putting up with all my STUFF.  So I’m annoyed AF by all of this, and then you get kids who sense it and hone in on it and do whatever they can to make it worse.

I suppose it actually shows how good they are at reading people.  I know for them, it’s a defense mechanism.  In their home situations and lives, they have to be able to get a good read on a person or a situation quickly so that they know how to protect themselves.  It’s like a super power or something.  If only they’d use that power for good and not annoying me.  Hopefully the week will get better, but I’m going to be displaced for a while so I’m not getting my hopes up.



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