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…Lacking a Life, and That’s Okay


Lacking a Life, and That’s Okay


I realize that I’m kind of a boring person.  I’m a homebody.  I don’t particularly like going out.  In my younger days, I was quite the night owl, these days, I find myself going to bed fairly early. To put it simply, I’m lacking a life, and that’s okay.

lacking a life, and that's okay

not my bed

There are plenty of occasions when I have a life, and that is also okay.  But tonight, I’m lacking a life and I’m oh so glad.  Why, because I am sitting here in what is quite possibly Nirvana.  A freshly made bed, made with freshly washed sheets, into which I have slipped my freshly showered body wearing freshly washed jammies.

It sounds lame, but I assure you, it’s not. What I’m doing, is finding pleasure in something simple and basic.  Sometimes it’s not about how much you have, and what you have.  Sometimes you just need to find joy and happiness in the little things.  And right now, there is nothing more pleasurable than clean sheets and a freshly made bed.   It’s something I’m trying very hard to do, stop wanting what I don’t have, and finding pleasure in little things.

It’s a good lesson to learn, and a good way to live.  And right now, I’m enjoying my freshly made bed and my not having a life.




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