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…A Victim of Ageism


Yep, it finally happened. I’m not talking about the bazillion of AARP things I get in the mail and in my email. I’m talking about out and out being judged on my age, and while it’s funny, it’s dead wrong as well.

a victim of ageismA week or so ago, my darling daughter and I were at the mall and we stopped into Ulta. We browsed and tried samples and we each finally found our purchases. We both got into line and went to different cashiers. As I was paying, the cashier threw a free sample of something in my bag, and my initial thought was “YIPPEE!”

When I got home, I found a 7 day supply of Serovital. Now for those of you who don’t know what it is, SeroVital is an affordable oral formula that encourages the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production at a more youthful rate*, naturally, without dangerous drugs or synthetic hormone injections. It’s called SeroVital®-hgh. And it just might change your life.

Now here’s the thing, I’m fifty-one but according to my students, I don’t look my age (except for the freaking dark circles under my eyes that will never go away). I don’t think my students are trying to be nice – that’s not the way they roll. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look like I’m twenty, but I don’t look like I’m in my fifties. That being said, I had heard about Serovital and was curious about it, so I figured a 7 day free sample was great. Then I thought a 14 day free sample would be better and I asked my darling daughter if I could have hers. “I didn’t get any mom,” was her response.

At first I was like -yeah, no big deal, she doesn’t need it, but then it hit me and I got pissed. They gave me that sample based upon my AGE. That’s just freaking wrong people. WRONG WRONG WRONG. So to the makers of SeroVital, if this was your idea, bad marking campaign, and Ulta if this was your idea, you just suck and I’m never shopping in your store again.

As far as discriminatory acts go, it’s not huge, in fact, compared to some age discrimination things, this is barely a blip on the radar. But it happened, and it’s wrong, and to turn your back on a wrong doing is condoning it, and I won’t do that.


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