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Don’t Be a Drama Llama


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Don't be a drama llamaProtect yourself. Keep your distance from negative people and their drama. They have a problem for every solution. – Karen Salmansohn

I am not a fan of the drama. In fact in my classroom, I have a sign declaring it a Drama Free Zone. To my way of thinking, life is challenging enough without dealing with drama from other people. It comes at us from all sides. It comes from our friends and our family, our co-workers and our neighbors. These people are veritable energy suckers. They can and do suck the life right out of us. On a daily basis, I have students walking in to my classroom saying so-and-so said or did this, or he posted that on snap chat, or she said this about me in a text message. Idon't be a drama llamat’s overwhelming and the drama llamas do their very best to suck us in.

Their drama can sometimes turn you into a drama llama yourself. And seriously, do you have time for that? I’m going to guess the answer to that is no you don’t. Well guess what, you don’t have to deal with the drama llamas any more! It’s time to drop the drama! Stop allowing crazy-makers, game-players, truth-manipulators, gossip-mongers, conflict-stirrers and bad communicators to drain you of joy, energy and time! Plus make sure you’re not accidentally contributing to or prolonging any drama. But how?

Karen Salmansohn is offering an amazing class called Don’t be a Drama Llama. This course will help you you to not to associate with the drama. It will teach you how to not invite the drama into your life, and more importantly how not to create MORE drama! Don’t be a drama llama. Find out how to stop the drama from taking over your life. Seriously, do you have time for drama? No, of course you don’t. Your life, your time is too important to let other people infect you with their drama and bring you down. Check out Karen’s class. This class regularly costs $149.00 but for a very limited time, she is offering the class for only $49.00. It’s an amazing offer and too good to pass up. Click here to see everything this class offers. Get ready to cut the drama from your life. Don’t be a drama llama any longer!




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