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…Ready For A Vacation


Yes, I realize that it’s the first day back after Christmas vacation, but I’m already ready.  I love my job but due to circumstances beyond my control, it’s rather stressful.  I don’t mean oh rough day stressful, I mean all day every day stress that really starts to wear on you after a while.  But I’m fortunate to have a job, and I can deal handle the stress.   I have to, I didn’t win the mega millions last night.  Poor planning on my part.

I love to dream about winning the lottery. It’s one of my favorite day dreams, in fact.  If I were to win tomorrow, I’d be good to go.  I know who’s getting what, what charities I want to donate to, and where I’m going on my first vacation, lol. I am totally ready  Now I just need the lottery gods to cooperate and let me win.  And would I quit the stressful job?  Nope. Number 1, I would never just up and leave in the middle of a semester, that’s irresponsible, and Number 2, just knowing that I’d have the money to say “Fuck it” any time something stressful came up.

But alas, I didn’t win, so back to school tomorrow and with a happy, cheerful attitude because it helps to counter the stress.

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