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…Super Excited


My school is not what you would call technology rich.  I have always scrounged for computers for my classroom.  I’ve brought in outdated laptops from home as well as some outdated desktops.  A couple of years ago, I got a chrome book for my classroom, and it was good.  I still used one of my own laptops for my “teacher” computer, and I let the kids use the chrome book. Last year, I did a donors choose, and got funded for another chrome book, and life was better.  I also scrounged a newer desktop for the kids to use.  This year, I “found” another chrome book, so now we’re up to 3 chrome books and a desktop.  My assistant principal told me about an organization that funds a lot of grants, so I applied for one and got funding for 3 more chrome books – they’re not here yet, but they’re coming.  I also did another donor’s choose and got funding for 3 more chrome books.  I’m also supposed to be getting another newer desktop.  So if and when everything arrives, I will have 9 chrome books and 2 desktops for my students.  I am beyond excited.  I know there are teachers who work at schools where they have 1 to 1 technology who are probably appalled by my celebrating 9 chrome books.  But I also know there are teachers who would do anything to get even one chrome book for their classroom, so color me super excited for what we are getting!


  1. I am really excited for you. I know how much this will help in your room. <3

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