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…Lost in Time


Not like I’m losing time, but in a way, I feel like I am.  Last week was New Years, and we had a short week at school, but it already seems like vacation was weeks and weeks ago.  I don’t get how that happens.  I’m already ready for another vacation. But that could possibly be because the environment in school isn’t all that positive.

Though we got some happy (to me) news on Friday.  I had gone into school late because I was dropping my son off at the airport so he could head to Virginia for AIT after holiday block leave.  So I go to school late, got my computer up and running and of course checked my email.  The first email I had was a letter of resignation from our superintendent.  I can’t say that I’m disappointed to see him go.  I don’t think he’s really done a lot for our school district in his short tenure.  His one big claim to fame was to take over the third floor of our school for the school district offices.  Supposedly this is going to save the district money, but they turned classrooms in to offices, and they installed air conditioning which cost almost a million dollars.  Doesn’t seem to be a cost saving measure to me.  And honestly, if they expect us to work with out AC and the kids to learn with out AC, they can survive without AC as well.

But he gave his 90 day notice and will be done mid-March, and we’re on the hunt for another new superintendent.  I think he’s our 3rd or 4th since I started working there in 2007.

But as I said, the environment is less than cheerful and it makes time just drag.  As I said, I’m lost in time and feel like we never had a vacation or it’s almost time for our next vacation. Here’s hoping that my lottery tickets hit a jackpot and soon.  I, unlike our superintendent, won’t leave in the middle of the year, but knowing that I’m rich and didn’t have to work would make everything a lot more tolerable.

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