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…Plague Ridden


Okay, maybe it’s not technically the plague, I’d probably feel better if it was.  It’s funny, but I can pretty much pinpoint when it happened.  It was November 2007 and the kids were at a tournament that was being held at Alvirne High School.  While at the tournament, I came down with a nagging cough.  No biggie, or so I thought, but ever since then I’ve gotten at least one cold a year with this horrible, hacking, nagging cough.  Sometimes, lucky me, I just get the cough.

I’ve been to the doctor many times.  Once said it was acid reflux.  The others never have given me a diagnosis.  Because this cough is attached to other plague like symptoms like not being able to breathe, I decided to try the doctor once again.  No guess on the cough, nothing about the other plague like symptoms and two cough medicines.  One for during the day and one with codeine so maybe I can sleep at night.

I feel crappy enough that I stayed home from school for two days….I never do that.  I’d like to stay home tomorrow too, but without a doctors note stating that I should, I’ll have to take my plague riddled body to work tomorrow.  With any luck, I’ll infect all the students and they’ll all stay home on Monday!

So off I go to try and sleep (fun fact the codeine cough syrup isn’t helping), and drag my sorry self to school tomorrow.

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