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It’s August…summer is drawing to an end, and that means school is starting.  I am so not excited to go back to school this year for a variety of reasons.  I am not looking forward to block scheduling – and I’m even less excited about the prospect of team teaching.  We have no training on this – and I refuse to count the 2 hours of training we’re getting the week before school starts as training.  I don’t want to team teach, and I bet you dollars to donuts that the regular ed teachers don’t want the special ed teachers in their rooms either.

Add to that the workplace bullying that goes on, it makes me totally ambivalent about going back to school.  I’m trying to be hopeful that things will be different and that these changes will revitalize our staff and our students.  I hope they do.  I hope my negative outlook is wrong.  I hope I win powerball and don’t have to go back  😉


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